Morgan and Reed

I knew from the first moment we met Morgan and Reed months ago that hanging out with them would be a treat. And it was. They kept me laughing the entire session, and certainly weren’t shy in front of the camera :) Intially, we were going to meet up at the Botanical Gardens in Athens, but since it was memorial day and the park was closed, we were forced to improvise. So we ventured through Athens looking for fun spots, all the while trying to avoid the looming rain. It finally poured on us when we reached UGA campus, but we were all eager to keep shooting…so we pressed on. That’s when I decided to run across campus to the car for an umbrella, only to get back and have the rain stop. Funny how that works :)

You both were seriously a blast to work with. Can’t wait till September!

2 Responses to “Morgan and Reed

  • Carolyn Holder
    11 years ago

    Awesome engagement pictures!! Congratulations Morgan and Reed! The Holders

  • Leigh Welch
    11 years ago

    What a beautiful couple! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! Leigh Welch

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