• Drew

    Wow, first of all your composition is stunning. I love the angles of your shots especially the ones of them sitting against that wall. Great work Mark.

  • Rach

    Hi Mark, I’ve been following your blog because I enjoy your work so much.
    One thing frustrates me, though. (Am I allowed to comment something slightly less than praise? :) ) In this past shoot, and in one with Jason n Jessica, and Indian couple recently, we don’t get to see the face of the guy, just the sides of his face. What does he look like? Does he have eyes? It makes me a little nuts. :) But don’t get me wrong, I keep coming back because your work is lovely.

  • Geoff Poitras

    Nice and clean / classic. I like your composure especially the one with the railing splitting the frame. Good use of a railing!

  • Mark Elkins

    Thanks everyone! And thanks for the constructive words, Rach. Sometimes I get so caught up with the natural interactions and emotions between the couple, that I’ll forget about posting certain (and sometimes necessary) elements for blog readers :) I’ll definitely keep those thoughts in mind as I post future sessions!

  • Gina

    Nice engagement photographs and the location(s) are great. The images of them with the cobblestones looks like they are somewhere in Europe – very romantic setting for sure!

  • Laura Horton

    Mark, once again, you’ve done a phenomenal job of capturing their love. As Shawn’s mom, I have to agree with Rach about capturing the guy’s eyes sometimes. The reason for me is because Shawn NEVER smiled for the camera until he met Mary Evelyn. Now you can see that deep sense of joy in every picture with her. I’d like to capture a full faceshot of that to hold onto forever! Looking forward to the wedding and after session photos!

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