Kelsey and Matthew

Toccoa Engagement Photos

After a long streak of evening winter weddings, it’s finally time for some spring engagement sessions :) And it looks like there should be plenty in the next few months. I’m a huge fan of shooting natural/ambient light only (I rarely ever use a flash), so you can imagine how excited I’m getting as all these spring/summer sessions and weddings approach.

Kelsey and Matthew recently got engaged, and the moment we started shooting together, I knew we were in for a smokin’ session. They’ll be getting married on the 24th of May in Ashville, North Carolina.

Can’t wait for the wedding!

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  1. Holly says:

    Mark, I love the sitting on the road under the tunnel pose & shot!

  2. Great shots! I love the shot of them sitting in the tunnel… and the vertical of her head on his chest.

  3. I agree….the road/tunnel shot is incredible. Totally inspiring. :)

  4. Jodie says:

    awesome i love the one with them sitting before the tunnel!

  5. Oeil says:

    Beautiful images Mark! simple and clean :)

  6. What a terrific set!! My faves are the ones in the grass… with her facing him.

  7. kate says:

    hands-down favorite is definitely the shot of them under the tunnel. all the shots in the grass are beautiful also!

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