Jordan and Amber

Toccoa Couple Session

Jordan and Amber (of Jordan Powers Photography) are a husband/wife wedding photographer team based in Toledo, Ohio. They decided to take a little road trip down south, and meet up with me get a few promotional shots. So we spent the day eating, hanging out, shooting, drinking coffee, and shootin’ some more. It’s always such an honor spending time with others in the industry. Every photographer truly brings their own experience and passion to the table, and Jordan and Amber definitely have both :)

If you’re in the Toledo area, check out their work and hire ’em!

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  1. these are wonderful! sigh, i want to live in georgia…

  2. Mark – very cool! Awesome work. Your work is the real deal… and I’m not just trying to make him sound cool people – he just is ;)

  3. My favorite is the cinderblock wall, nice composition. I love how we go right for the big lens when we get our pictures taken LOL

  4. Ceece says:

    These look awesome! I love her pink shirt under the black.

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